Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Holiday Re-Purposing

While giving gifts adorned with re-purposed gift tags, I was introduced to the thoughtful practice of using the plastic zipper bags that enclose blankets, sheets, or comforters as perfectly practical ways to store your reusable holiday ribbons.

Collecting and saving ribbons is, of course, a longstanding tradition in my Polish family. In fact, I can picture my Babci carefully sliding a box out of the wrapping paper so even that can be reused. I digress...

As with many things in life, out-of-sight can mean out-of-mind. A paper bag or box filled with ribbons and bows can get lost in a closet, its contents unknown, but a clear bag that lets the sparkle of its contents shine through is a sure way to remind you there plenty of ribbons left from last year.

(thnx Momma D)

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