Tuesday, December 9, 2008

just terrific

Check out Tara Parker-Pope's recent post in the NY Times about an emerging positive trend encouraging parents to involve their children in all aspects of meal preparation in the kitchen, not just cookies and cupcakes. Parker-Pope reports that, along with a recent string of cookbooks targeted to children, Nintendo has started heavily advertising the “Personal Trainer: Cooking” game, for use on its DS handheld system, that includes videos of cooking techniques and 240+ dishes from countries around the world.

(PS - I am aware that the picture of the baby has nothing to do with this post but that is my little niece, Layla, and the picture was taken somewhat near to a kitchen in which cooking was taking place and the hat... holy terrific cuteness... I couldn't resist!)


blog admin. said...

FYI, blog supporters, baby Layla in the picture here is my bro-in-law and his wife's baby - not my sister, Becky, who is due in January and regularly comments on the blog. ;-)

Anonymous said...

YES GOD YES. I've been cooking since I was barely able to stand, and I'm consistently astonished (and mildly disturbed) how many college/post-college folks are afraid to boil noodles.

Also, chicks dig dudes who can cook an impressive meal. This is a fact.


Becky said...

Layla is adorable!