Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Maine Warmers

I can't help but remark on the irony of the new "comforting creatures," by Maine Warmers, my brother-in-law has just alerted me to. Polar bears? Seals? Interesting... Frogs are probably next.

For those 98 percent of you who don't know what a "comforting creature" is, they are basically microwavable heating pads made with soft Berber and filled with whole corn. Think heating pad, minus the cord and hospital feel.

(There is, of course, a long story behind this. Last Christmas, the B-I-L gave me an adorable and useful warming sheep that I lent to a friend and never recovered. I refuse to admit that he is gone - that Jason the sheep is never coming back to me. My BIL knows the sheep is gone, just like the Vans he gave me that are probably on my little sister's feet as I type, and regularly gives me a hard time about it. I suppose emailing pictures of the cute new comforting creatures is part of his guilt initiative.)

Anywho, if you are interested in purchasing a warming creature, look for one here, on the Maine Warmers website

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