Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Buy Local Baltimore

If you haven't heard about the educational/marketing campaign Buy Local Baltimore than I guess you aren't on facebook. Lucky for you, I am here to bridge the gap.

The campaign is a project by the Chesapeake Sustainable Business Alliance aimed to educate the public on the importance of supporting the local economy as consumers and businesses(hopefully) move toward environmentally sustainable and socially responsible business practices. Learn all about the project on their website.

Buy Local Baltimore's top ten reasons to buy local:

1.) Keep money in the neighborhood
2.) Embrace what makes Baltimore different
3.) Get better service
4.) Buy what you want, not what someone wants you to buy
5.) Create more good jobs
6.) Help out the environment
7.) Support community groups
8.) Invest in the community
9.) Put your tax money to good use
10.) Show the country that we believe in Baltimore

Pretty great, huh?

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