Saturday, October 4, 2008

Oh Deer!

While walking home from the gym this morning, admittedly distracted with a text message, I heard a rustling in the woods to my right. I looked up and was pleasantly surprised to be face to face with a deer and her deerlet (I know this isn't the proper term but I like it). Without much thought, I discarded the text message I had been working on and snapped a few pics. We all hung around for a few minutes before the noise of a car scared the pair off. Am I lucky, or what?

I should also mention that I said, "Why helllloooo!" to the deer as if she would respond and was pleased to see her eye contact remained intact as her ears twitched acknowledging my communication. I can't get over how fearless these deer were. We were standing there no more than six feet apart. Maybe they recognized my scent from the Hosta and Sunflower salad bar in my yard that they frequent.


Niko said...

So cute!

Becky said...

1) Bambi is cute...but how can we find a balance for deer and human safty (as opposed to open season when they are basically hunted in neighborhoods)
2) good job Niko on commenting :)

blog admin. said...

You raise a good point Becky. I will certainly look into the matter and post about it in the near future.