Tuesday, September 23, 2008

want not waste not

TIME magazine published a great article about "Sustainable Dave" Chameides and his efforts to reduce his garbage footprint by gaining a better understanding of the amount of trash he produces in his day to day life. How so, you ask? By holding on to all of the garbage he is responsible for in a year in the basement of his home.

For the past eight months his waste has totaled up to a little over 30 lbs. Compared to the average American, who is estimated to have created 1,000 lbs of trash so far this year, he is clearly a cautious consumer. The estimate per American for an entire year is 1,700 lbs. Wowzers.

The article gives some startling details about the cost of garbage disposal and the excessive consumption in our country and if it doesn't make you think twice... well... maybe you are the marketing guru who is responsible for that fifth P: Packaging.

Anywho... Check out the article as well as Dave's blog about his efforts, reasons and progress.

(thnx holly)

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