Thursday, September 18, 2008

Eco Joe

I have said my piece about using re-usable water bottles in place of the (gulp) Fiji or whatever other wasteful imports I see more often in trash cans than recycling bins, but I have not touched upon coffee/tea receptacles.

Thankfully, a loyal reader sent me Slate's Green Lantern's response to the latest coffee quandary: to use polystyrene/paper cups and dispose or to re-use ceramic/stainless steel and wash. Re-use and wash, right? Duh! Styrofoam is in landfills... like... forever! Well... yes it is but no, it isn't that simple. Both options have environmental consequences. Some more severe than others depending on what matters most to you, where you reside, and how often you feel the need to clean your coffee/tea mug.

Get the details from the green lantern here.

If your office is one of those eliminating disposable cups and opting for a "bring your own" policy, think about taking this guy's advice and washing with cold water. In case you are wondering where I stand on this, I use a ceramic mug (pictured), wash it no more than once a week (sorry, Mom) and like to think that the global warming discussions it provokes may change the habits of others and in turn balance out the environmental impact of my tea drinking.

(thnx Bec, for article as well as mug last Xmas)

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becky said...

I too find that I don't wash my tea mug all that