Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Campaign for High-Fructose Corn Syrup?

We all know that very little of the corn grown in this country arrives on our plates fresh picked from the stalk, right? The majority of it is (over)fed to livestock or processed into the most common ingredient on supermarket shelves: High-fructose corn syrup. And I guess people are starting to catch on that uber-processed junk food isn't good for anyone so the Corn Refiners Association has created this gem and others like it:

What's upsetting about this campaign is that it only addresses the end-user aspect of widespread HFCS use and consumption - those who have only just begun considering the immediate impact on their bodies and are blissfully unaware environmental repercussions of the soda they are drinking.

Eviana Hartman wrote a great article for Eco Wise in the Washington Post back in March explaining the energy-intensive processing, abundance of fertilizers, soil erosion, and resulting dead zones in the corn crop monoculture and production of HFCS. It's a quick read that quotes Michael Pollan and that I recommend in the face of this nonsense campaign.

Check it out here

Here is another one:

Washington Post reporter Jennifer Huget weighs in on HFCS. Check it out here

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