Thursday, September 25, 2008


This burger has preserved itself since 1996. Nutrition consultant and wellness educator, Karen Hanrahan, recently posted this disturbing photo on her website and blogged about using the frightening paddy as her "favorite prop" when educating parents about nutrition and healthy food choices. The McDonald's hamburger has been kept in an old Tupperware container without any additional preservatives for twelve years. TWELVE YEARS!

Read the post and view other burger images (including a 2008 to 1996 burger comparison) here. Thank God I have never eaten a hamburger. This is really creepy however I am curious to see how other uber-processed foods would compare after twelve years. (Please, no one suggest I experiment with peanut MnMs. They are my Achilles' heel. There is no way one of those delicious little morsels could go uneaten in my presence for more than twelve minutes let alone years.)

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becky said...

I think I will just disregard this attempt to bash delicious burgers :)That must be photo shopped