Thursday, September 11, 2008

Better groceries... hmmm...

Can we talk about the Washington Post's interactive "Buy Better Groceries" feature? First, you'll want to check it out here.

I'm not going to criticize Sally's advice because it is good advice. What I am going to criticize, however, is the Store Directory. I understand that this is targeted at parents of overweight or obese children and therefore it contains some quasi-healthier alternative kid-friendly foods, but just saying... if you really want to help the kids out, how about eliminating frozen french fries, frozen pizza, and cookies from your shopping list? Are Nabisco Cinnamon Teddy Grams really the best choice?

A friend of mine introduced her little boy to the miracle of growing his own tomatoes. Imagine the life lesson you are sharing with your children by making a pizza from scratch sans some mozzarella cheese. How great is that!? And what kid doesn't want to bake cookies? Or instead, maybe some blueberry muffins?

I know that time is a big factor but what is more important than teaching your children to make healthy choices. I'm just saying... perhaps this interactive feature could have focused a bit more on whole foods and less on processed.


Becky said...

JS. I do agree w/ healthy choices...but come is really ecomonical (time/money)to make you own pizza sauce.
Nonetheless, if you would like to bake me cookies, that's fine with me:)

Blog administrator said...

You raise a good point. I actually don't know how to make pizza sauce and was thinking more along the lines of sliced tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, and some basil BUT nonetheless, we are talking about a lot of time.

Secondly, We will definitely have to bake some natural/organic cookies this Christmas and blog about it.

Lastly, I can't believe you are blowing up my spot on my blog. LOL.

Holly said...

Did I just make it onto the blog? I feel so proud....we're still getting lots of tomatoes on our vines!! And he's loveing it. :)

blog administrator said...

Indeed :-) You and Jack.

Holly said...

Jack the boy not Jack the dog for any of you who may be confused by that...:)

Woo Hoo!! I feel famous.