Friday, August 15, 2008


While chatting about recycling with a friend yesterday (I'm not kidding LOL) we got to talking about bottled water, recycling scandals in Baltimore, and some workplace scandals that I dare not blog about.

I said, over my reusable bottle filled with tap water, "You don't drink bottled water, do you?!" A spirited conversation about the luxury of living in an area with such clean tap water followed. But, if in a crunch, we both admitted to grabbing the occasional Evian or Dasani water from a vending machine, at an outdoor festival, or a convenience store. Ah... convenience... the root of all things eco-unfriendly.

So this morning I've consulted my practical guide to making eco-smart choices: Green Greener Greenest, by Lori Bongiorno.

Minimize consumption of bottles water. This will save you money too.

Always drink tap water at home (if you have access to clean municipal sources)(which I am pretty certain you do if you are online reading a blog).

Eliminate ALL bottled water. Purchase a reusable bottle and fill up from the tap or water fountain. If you are weary of the tap at work, think about lobbying to have a filtration system installed in your office.

My personal reusable bottle recommendation is definitely the Sigg. I know Nalgene has long been the leader in the industry and I still use one at work, but for travel or anything outdoors, the light-weight aluminum of the Sigg is unbeatable. Not to mention the fact that you have so many options as far as the cap/spout is concerned as well as design-wise.

Look for one at your local REI, Whole Foods or sporting goods store. If you want to personalize your Sigg, check out

I'm proud to say that I fit somewhere between the Greener and Greenest line. Most of my friends and family do as well. Let's keep it up y'all!

(thnx Tina)


tina.turco said...

aww my greenest friend. Um so maybe you could write a book? Just saying...I think you'd do a good job and then you can be rich AND donate money to the earth like the tea guy (i'm reading your blogs in backwards order).

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