Monday, August 11, 2008

Solar stores

The Sunday NY Times published a great article about big retail chains installing solar panels on the roofs of their stores. Whether it's to help bring energy costs down or for the tax break, let's hope this renewable energy trend continues to grow momentum.

Right now, Kohl's has solar panels on 43 stores and plans to add them to an additional 85 in the coming months. Macy's currently has 18 installed and 40 on the way. Wal-Mart is tesing the technology in 17 stores. Safeway and Whole Foods are also supporting these energy-saving initiatives.

From Stephanie Rosenbloom for NY Times:
"If Wal-Mart eventually covered the roofs of all its Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart locations with solar panels, figures from the company show that the resulting solar acreage would roughly equal the size of Manhattan, an island of 23 square miles."

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