Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I don't have words...

I divert from my usual environmental beat today to acknowledge a blog (reluctantly) sent to me that has stopped me in my tracks - taken my breath away.

Internationally travelled photojournalist Justin Merriman has documented his firsthand experiences with some devastating events and shared insights and photos through his blog. Most recently, he documents the service and sadly the funeral of Sgt Ryan Baughmann, of Great Mills, MD, recently killed in Afghanistan.

Attempts to paraphrase Merriman or describe the photos fall short. While the posts center on Sgt Baughmann's life as a service member, the visceral images of the ceremony at Arlington and the out pour from the community remind us of the lives service members have outside of their uniforms and the incredible amount of courage it takes to put all that on the line for something bigger than one's self.

Visit the blog here: http://www.justinmerriman.blogspot.com/

(thnx Becky)

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Anonymous said...

This is a "must-view". The photographs remind us that each soldier is so much more then just a number. So many lives are impacted..and these pictures show the emotion.