Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bird-feeder, chipmunk trap or squirrel olympics?

The subject matter of this blog may look familiar to those of you privy to an email I sent to a bird-feeder manufacturer earlier this In case you missed it, the images of the trapped chipmunk should give you the general idea.

The little guy squeezed in when the feeder was less than half-full, ate too much (hence the chubby cheeks) and found himself trapped. In order to prevent having a chipmunk fatality on my conscience, I take care to keep the seed level above the highest possible chipmunk entryway. This was working just fine until an acrobatic squirrel entered the picture. As you can hopefully see (below) this little bugger is part possum, part Olympian. And while I admire his seed-stealing skill, he's shaking things up quite a bit and spilling all the seeds - which leads us right back to the chipmunk trap.

As I write... I can't believe this... he is at it again! I'm starting to think this squirrel escaped from the most recent Willy Wonka set. Stay tuned for additional photos and updates...


Well, not really an update, just some more pics


tina.turco said...

Holy Crap. He came back?! He's a lot bigger than I thought he was. Seeing him all stretched out puts in a new perspective for me. He loves you.

becky said...

I give him a 9.5 (deduction for the "crime", bonus points for the creativity)